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 On Friday, the students celebrated the festival of Saint Lucia. Santa Lucia Day is another Festival of Light and celebrates the life of Saint Lucy during the longest night of the year (under the old Gregorian calendar December 13th was the Winter Solstice).


Hence, part of the song lyrics:

Santa Lucia, Thy light is glowingSantaLuciaGoldenValley

All through the darkest night, comfort bestowing

Dreams float on wings of night,

Comes then the morning light

Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia



This celebrated Scandinavian festival of light brightens the dark days. It is a celebration of the coming light lengthening the days and celebrates the life of Saint Lucia, an Italian saint known for her kindness and love. Second grade especially enjoys this festival, as the St. Lucia story is one they have heard as part of the 2nd grade saints and fables curriculum.

In celebration, the 2nd grade students all dress in white and wear red sashes. The oldest girl dresses as St. Lucia and wears a crown of greens and candles. She is joined by the rest of the 2nd grade students in a procession, visiting each class from the kindergarten through 8th grade, singing Lucia songs and delivering baked buns– a traditional St. Lucia day treat.

Seeing the 2nd grade students clothed in white, holding candles, and reverently singing in a procession behind Lucia is a breath-taking and beautiful sight. Leading and accompanying the students this year, was the 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Brooks.

Thank you to all the volunteer parents for baking and assisting in this festival.

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