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Zack LanternsWhat a delightful evening that was had by all on Thursday, November 9th. We had a wonderful turnout in support of the children and the work we are doing in the kindergarten. I really appreciate the strength in our parent body and the warmth that we receive from the community. The children I walked with included families from all five kindergartens at both Golden Valley Schools. The children were reverent and awed by the experience of walking in the great wide world under the stars with their handmade lanterns and coming across Mother Earth in the trees.
A parent asked me about the pedagogy behind the Lantern Walk. This pedagogy would not be appropriate to share with the kindergarten child, but it may help adults deepen their understanding of the origins and archetypes within our kindergarten festival life.

We are eager to announce that Tuesday, November 28th kicks off our exciting annual program: “Week of Giving.”
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As many of you may know, Tuesday the 28th is the nationally celebrated “Giving Tuesday.” This special day is designed to support and shed light on all the great charities in our communities. As opposed to the consumerism of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” this is a day to celebrate nonprofit organizations by donating to your favorite charities. During this season of gratitude, it's important to remember what is truly important and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating that theme during our “Week of Giving.”

Ames Barbara 00360 1Welcome back to school! River experienced a  fabulous Rose Ceremony. As Redwood’s class  teacher since first grade, I was emotionally moved when Cedar and Redwood students joined as pairs to give an Olive Tree student a rose. The white rose, a symbol of purity, brings back the memory of my students when they were first graders. They were darling of course!  I remember the challenge of forming a new class. The first-grade day was long and exhausting for both students and me! We worked hard every day and still had fun on our journey. Each year every individual, including me, transformed. This is the gift of Waldorf education. I look back fondly on my memories of children, parents, peers, colleagues and administrators. In turn, I look enthusiastically at the challenges and changes to come this year. As a school community, we have much to celebrate as we head back to school.

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