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Welcome back for another great school year!  Our teachers have been hard at work all summer learning new curriculum and developing block plans for the entire year.  Many of our teachers have taught teachers at the college, sharing their wealth of wisdom and experience with new to the grade and new to the pedagogy teachers.  Labor Day weekend, teachers and staff new to the pedagogy will begin their Waldorf Education Certificate training.  They are committed to spending Friday night, Saturday and Sunday to lessons and artistic endeavors. 

The Grades Home Study Hybrid Program is a unique opportunity for the melding of home and classroom-led instruction under the guidance and teaching of a Waldorf Trained and credentialed teacher. Golden Valley Charter Schools developed this program to meet the child in a multitude of ways. By offering an extension to the already rich Outdoor Kindergarten, families can continue with the strong rhythm and learning mentality that has gained foundation.

As a program that is integrated both within the classroom and the home setting, families can grow together through rhythm, curriculum, festival life, and community. The in-class component, led by a trained Waldorf Teacher with experience in grades 1-4, brings rhythm and academic foundation to the student.

Jason Bersamin, of Redwood Tree 8th grade, submitted an art piece for the yearbook cover art contest. His entry is now the cover art of the River School 2017-2018 yearbook. Since entering his art, he has touched up the painting, added a duck with ducklings, and frame. The title of the painting is The Pond of Dreams. When asked what his inspiration was, Jason replied “I’ve always thought that ponds are peaceful and so I thought that this time I would make a peaceful nature scene.” Jason used watercolors and created this piece in spans of and hour and a half in four days.

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