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Welcome back for another great school year!  Our teachers have been hard at work all summer learning new curriculum and developing block plans for the entire year.  Many of our teachers have taught teachers at the college, sharing their wealth of wisdom and experience with new to the grade and new to the pedagogy teachers.  Labor Day weekend, teachers and staff new to the pedagogy will begin their Waldorf Education Certificate training.  They are committed to spending Friday night, Saturday and Sunday to lessons and artistic endeavors. 



Thank you to all who participate in the Annual Giving Campaign through Golden Valley Educational Foundation (GVEF).  If not for your regular donations, these teachers would pay for training themselves in the summer, throughout the year and for their certification.  GVEF is a non-profit organization, and their fundraising helps provide for our specialty programs including handwork, gardening, music, Spanish and games. 

Our Parent Circle provided refreshments following the Rose Ceremony and River School enjoyed a small gathering of parents, grandparents and alumni to ring in the school year.  Parent Circle meetings will be held on the second Friday of each month.  Festival Committee meetings will be held on Wednesday afternoons. Look to the calendar in Parent Square for specific meeting dates. Many parents signed up to help at festivals during registration.  "Many hands make light the work" is the mantra that comes to mind.  I look forward to the new year, new festival and new training through Antioch University.  How fortunate we are to be able to host training, enliven festivals with new initiatives and deepen the understanding of Waldorf Methods for all teachers through collaboration between peers across both schools.

~ Mrs. Ames


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