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Farmer Matt, Garden Teacher, is proud to announce that the Golden Valley River School was selected to benefit from a grant managed by Project Apis m. or PAm (Apis Mellifera = Western Honey Bee).  The school gardens are now part a test site to implement 3 of PAm's successful seed mixes. These seed mixes which were granted by Project Apis Melifera, are also being tested by UC Davis.  We were granted almost 40 pounds of seeds.
During the gardening class, students planted the seeds in all of the school garden sites. The seed mixes are designed to bloom at critical times of the year when the natural forage is scare for active native bees. The seed program is helping to increase the sustainability of pollination and agriculture by encouraging cover crops and increasing the soil health.
Growing in the Kindergarten yard garden is daikon root, cardoon thistle, rye, and vetch. Clovers have sprouted in the Kinder yard grasses. A diverse blend of wildflowers is beginning to bud on the kinder play yard hill.
The upper grade garden has wild flower blends growing along the garden bed boarders. A bright area of daffodils is in full bloom and greeting students near the entrance of the garden. The students are seeing the fruits of their labors and observing visits from local pollinators.
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Photos left to bottom: Golden Valley River School Kindergarten garden with growing diakon root, cardoon thistle, rye, and vetch. Farmer Matt, Garden Teacher, pictured next to the garden bed in the Kindergarten. 
    Photos top left to bottom: Golden Valley River School Kindergarten yard with sprouted clovers. Wildflowers thriving a top a dirt hill near the Kindergarten sand pit. Daffodills greeting the entrance to the upper grades garden. 
Waldorf Education turns 100 in September 2019. One of the projects this year for the movement is to help sustain the local bee populations around the world. Learn more about Waldorf100 and the green bee project.

Please visit to learn more about the seed grant program.

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