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Congratulations to Megan E. West of 8th grade. She is the yearbook cover art contest winner. Here is what Megan had to say about her art and experience:

"When I found out that I was chosen for the yearbook cover, at first I was shocked because I don’t usually win things like this.
At first I was surprised, but then I remembered that I turned in 5 drawings in total so then I was no longer surprised. I was so excited to find out which one they chose. When I got my yearbook and I saw that they used another picture of mine for the autograph page ( which they rarely do ), I was so happy! It was like finding a little happy surprise in  my yearbook.
Cover: The picture used for the 2018/19 yearbook cover was something that I wanted to draw different than all of my other drawings. At first, it was a girl sitting on a Lilly pad picking flowers because that was what I would imagine when I would hear the word Lilly pad. As I started to draw it, I wondered what it would look like if I drew the girl as a fairy instead of a regular human girl. I liked it better as a fairy picking flowers on a Lilly pad so I decided to keep it that way. When I went to color her in, I decided to make her a water-themed fairy so I went for cool-toned colors.
Cover Winner
Autograph page: My inspiration for this drawing was again wanting to do something different from my other drawings. I wanted to go for a black and white theme and I wanted it to be something with feathers because I was obsessed with drawing feathers at the time. I was looking at some inspirational drawings of feathers that other people had done on the internet when I came upon one drawing that had a quill in it and someone was writing with it. I thought that it was a beautiful drawing so I decided to draw a quill with ink dripping from the tip. To give it more visual appeal, I decided to draw a ripple effect underneath it."
By Megan West (Eighth Grade Class of 2019)

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