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    AnnieJoshua 2014 cropped2When children join our Cherry Blossom Outdoor / Home Study Hybrid Kindergarten Class, they are able to enjoy the nurturing environment of their home as well as a healthy interaction with other children in an outdoor setting. The Class meets three times a week for an outdoor kindergarten experience allowing the children to socialize and have an experience away from their parents.

    Families are provided materials and a curriculum inspired by Waldorf education to implement in the home on the days that the childern are not present at school.  They also participate in parent evenings once a month with the teacher and meet regularly one on one to discuss their child's progress and individual needs. Learn More...

    Cherry Blossom Outdoor Kindergarten Home Study Program
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Rhythm

    8:15 Bell rings, families form a circle on the stepping stones outside.

    • Circle Time

    8:45 Nature Walk from Golden Valley River School to Norma Hamlin Park (Tues) and Lake Natoma (Thurs). On campus (Weds).
           • Play
           • Craft
           • Games

    10:15 Snack
           • Aussie Bites (Tuesday), Soup Cooked on the Campfire Stove (Wednesday), and Yummy Bars (Thursday)
           • Fruit/Vegetables/Hot Tea

    10:45 Story/Rest

    11:15 Return to Campus/Community Building Game

    12:00 Goodbye


    Meet the Teachers


  • Grades 1-4 Home Study  Program
    crop brayden&avery
     The Grades Home Study Hybrid Program is a unique opportunity for the melding of home and classroom-led instruction under the guidance and teaching of a Waldorf Trained and credentialed teacher. Golden Valley Charter Schools developed this program to meet the child in a multitude of ways. By offering an extension to the already rich Outdoor Kindergarten, families can continue with the strong rhythm and learning mentality that has gained foundation.

    As a program that is integrated both within the classroom and the home setting, families can grow together through rhythm, curriculum, festival life, and community. The in-class component, led by a trained Waldorf Teacher with experience in grades 1-4, brings rhythm and academic foundation to the student.
    The program consists of 3 days in class and 2 days at home. The class day begins with morning circle, where developmentally appropriate verses, song, and movement meet the needs and pedagogy of the mixed class. Circle leads into Main Lesson as well as an array of specialty classes.There is also a Field Day, where the students take part in a series of field trips and nature walks, as well as outdoor classroom work. At home, the family will find ease and joy in the encompassing and rich elements of the Oak Meadow curriculum.
    Meadow Brook Home Study Program
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Rhythm
    8:15 – Morning Circle
    8:45 – Main Lesson/Specialty Classes-Painting & Handwork
    10:15 – Snack and Recess
    10:45 – Music
    11:00 – Group Lesson
    12:05 – Lunch and Recess
    12:45 – Art/Practice/Outdoor Class
    1:45 – Dismissal

    8:15 – Skill Building/Group Lesson
    9:15 – Nature Walk/Outdoor classroom work
    12:15 – Lunch and Recess
    12:45 – Early Dismissal

    The rest of the week is spent at home
    utilizing the Oak Meadow Curriculum.
    On Mondays and Fridays, parents lead their child/children through their lessons at home.  Lessons plans are given to parents each week.  This program requires a stay-at-home adult to be doing the lessons on Mondays, Fridays, and after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This could be a mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, or a nanny. The lessons are taken from the Oak Meadow curriculum and from other resources.  A credentialed teacher is available to assist you with all aspects of the curriculum.  Monthly check in meetings give you one on one help from the teacher. Monthly parent meetings allow families to build strong community connections and to further their knowledge of Waldorf education.
    For more information about enrollment in the Grades Home Study Hybrid Program, please visit our enrollment page.
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