The handwork curriculum grows along with the children, progressing with them and supporting them through their developmental stages. Handwork begins in kindergarten as the children explore the worlds of fiber, color, and form. In the first grade, children learn the basic knit stitch and create practical projects in wool or cotton. In second and third grades, this is continued with purling and crochet, which add new movements and require more focus on each row and stitch. In fourth grade, when children undergo a change in consciousness toward individuality, the curriculum reflects this more elaborate stage in their development by teaching cross-stitch. In fifth grade, we begin woodworking and more complex knitting projects, which support the students in their efforts to explore and carve out their newfound individuality. Handwork and woodworking are valuable in the development of intellectual clarity, fine motor skills and inner calm. They allow children to experience the self-confidence and joy that come from the creation of something beautiful and practical.

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